Joomla! - Ultra easy!

joomla-logo-150pxJoomla is a software allows you to make modifications to your Web site as easily as correcting a typo in word processing.

Easy you say! No! Ultra easy!

With a few clicks, you can modify the texts, add images, create new pages and even remove the promotion of the month before.

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Joomla - Ultra flexible!

Flexible, you think! No!  Ultra flexible!

The flexibility of an Web site developed with Joomla allows you to manage the content and images yourself or to delegate this task of updating to another person who does not need to have experience in Web programming. The management content system allows authorized persons to make modifications to your Web site as easily as typing a text or inserting images.

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Joomla! - Ultra advantagious!

Some of the many advantages are:

  • Reduces, in a considerable way, Web page modifications,
  • Reduces, in an significant way, the maintenance costs of your Web site,
  • Increases the flexibility of your Web site,
  • Allows the delegation of tasks,
  • Maximizes the possibility of adding files to your content (ex. PDF format, MS Word, MS Excel, images, flash animations, videos, etc...)
  • Allows the creation, management, distribution, publication, and discovery of information
  • Facilitates the development of password protected sections of your site. ex. members only section. ( Intranet/Extranet)

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Joomla! - Ultra professionnal!

Developing with the Joomla produces ultra professional Web sites.

Joomla offers high level programming standards, guarantees a clean source code, allows natural referencing, and assures the longevity of the your Web site because Joomla evolves with your needs.

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