Some of the many advantages are:

  • Reduces, in a considerable way, Web page modifications,
  • Reduces, in an significant way, the maintenance costs of your Web site,
  • Increases the flexibility of your Web site,
  • Allows the delegation of tasks,
  • Maximizes the possibility of adding files to your content (ex. PDF format, MS Word, MS Excel, images, flash animations, videos, etc...)
  • Allows the creation, management, distribution, publication, and discovery of information
  • Facilitates the development of password protected sections of your site. ex. members only section. ( Intranet/Extranet)

Joomla is the software for all freedoms!

  • The freedom to execute the program for all uses
  • The freedom to study the source code of the program and to program modifications to your needs.
  • The freedom to redistribute Joomla, to the benefit of your business, collegue, friend, community, etc...
  • The freedom to improve the program and publish your improvements to the benefit of your business, collegue, friend, community, etc...

GPL Licence (General Public Licence)

Joomla is licenced GPL (General Public Licence) as an Open Source software.  You are free to use and explore its potential without ever having to pay a licence.

General Public Licence - details >>

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